Graco Reactor Heated Hoses are designed specifically for use with Graco Reactor Equipment. Hoses are a key component to the total system, making it important to achieve accurate and uniform heating for the best application possible.
Graco Reactor Heated Hoses offer features that help maintain proper fluid temperatures while you’re spraying – resulting in better yield and performance. Available in low-pressure (2000 psi / 138 bar) and high-pressure (3500 psi / 241 bar). Count on genuine Graco parts for best performance.
For extra protection and prolonged life, some of our standard hoses can be ordered with our new Xtreme-Wrap Scuff Guard, or you may order it as a kit to replace the standard guard on any existing Graco hose.
New multi-strand copper heating element has greatly increased hose quality:
• Provides 10-times* the flex life compared to previous flat copper heating element
• Long-term, even heating without hot spots b
• Backwards compatible with existing Reactor heated hoses
*Testing based on 1/4 in. 2000 psi heated hose

• Copper-heated hoses are designed specifically for use with Graco proportioners
• Covered with proprietary butyl cover for protection against moisture sensitive isocyanate
• Hoses are covered with foam insulation for heat retention
• Different fitting sizes on the isocyanate and resin hoses prevent accidentally connecting the wrong hoses together
• Hoses use custom designed splice kit to electrically connect hoses without having to run copper under the fittings
• Helix-design whip hose uses braided copper wires for added flexibility and longer life
• Whip hoses 246050 and 246055 come standard with the new Xtreme-Wrap Scuff Guard
• Other selected hoses may be ordered with the Xtreme-Wrap Scuff Guard for added protection and prolonged life

Xtreme-Wrap Scuff Guard is now the standard scuff guard for Graco’s whip hoses models 246050 and 246055. It may be ordered with other selected hoses or as a kit to replace the standard scuff guard on any existing Graco hose.
• Form fitting to the hose, no more baggy excess material
• Made from urethane coated ballistic nylon for puncture and tear resistance, abrasion protection, and oil and water resistance
• Sheds surface moisture and won’t absorb water to weigh down the hose bundle; will not freeze solid in cold temperatures
• Hook and Loop enclosure used on the entire length of the hose for easy access to the hoses, fittings, and fluid temperature sensors

Joint Protectors provide additional protection at the most vulnerable section of the hose: the electrical connections, hose fittings, and fluid temperature sensors. All 50 ft hoses with the new Xtreme-Wrap will come with one Joint Protector.

Graco’s family of transfer pumps (T1, T2, T3) maintain performance in any environment. Transfer pumps are required to feed chemical to your Reactor spray machine or any other equipment requiring fluid transfer. Consider your material viscosities, desired output rate, interior ceiling height of your rig, and available air pressure when choosing your ideal transfer pump.

• Provide consistent feed pressures and flow rates for dependable results
• Lower pressure drops with higher viscosity materials at any ambient temperature
• Designed and manufactured by the worldwide leader in pump technology
• Longer lasting pump – designed for durability with less maintenance
• Quick-release bung adapter for easy drum removal without interference from hose connections
• Stainless steel wetted parts for corrosion-resistance
• PTFE seals for improved performance and less maintenance


Graco T1 Transfer Pumps maintain performance in any environment, even with higher viscosity materials. Spend more time spraying and less time on maintenance with the Graco 2:1 transfer pumps.
• O-ring seal design is more durable and lasts longer – more spraying up time and less time on maintenance
• Provide consistent feed pressures and flow rates for dependable results
• Lower pressure drops with higher viscosity materials at any ambient temperature
• Designed and manufactured by the worldwide leader in pump technology
• Quick disconnect bung adapter
• Fits 7′ job trailers
• Improved o-ring seal design
• Designed to handle viscous materials
• Corrosion resistant stainless steel wetted parts

Rely on the Graco T2 pump for increased output and longer life
Graco T2 transfer pumps maintain performance in any environment and are tested and proven to last 15 times longer that the competition, even with higher viscosity materials. Spend more time spraying and less time on maintenance with the Graco T2 2.25:1 transfer pumps.
• Improved fluid intake easily handles higher viscosity materials – even in cold conditions
• Improved seal design for better performance and less maintenance downtime
• Combines the best features of Graco and Gusmer 2.25:1 transfer pumps
• Lower pressure drop with higher viscosity materials at any ambient temperature
• Reliable and cost effective

The T3 Transfer Pump combines Graco’s proven Merkur air-motor and popular T2 stainless steel lower. The T3 is a 3:1 ratio pump – thereby using less air pressure to provide the same fluid pressure required.
• Easier to maneuver – The overall height of the T3 is 3.7 inches shorter above the drum than the T2.  As a result, it makes it easier to remove from the drum inside of a spray rig.
• More quiet – Studies show the T3 Transfer Pump is about 3x more quiet than the T2 Transfer Pump.
• Less Maintenance – the Merkur air-motor is based on air pilot valve technology. The air-motor switching is purely pneumatic. Resulting in fewer parts to wear. (Different from T1 and T2 Transfer Pumps, which use a mechanical reversing mechanism in the air-motor.)


Graco InSite Remote Reporting Technology is the power to control your business wherever you are. Graco InSite sends Reactor data to your smart phone, tablet or computer. 

It is technology that lets you track your Graco Reactors in real time from your smart phone, tablet or computer. Watch a single Reactor or an entire fleet on multiple jobsites. View from your office or off site.

In real time, Graco InSite transmits the following data for every Reactor:
Control the direction of your business with Graco InSite.
The kind of information Graco InSite logs for you is data that can save you money, help you bid jobs more accurately and troubleshoot problems more quickly, saving lost overhead and revenue. Most importantly, Graco InSite offers peace of mind that your jobs are running smoothly, your workers are productive, and you can leave the jobsite to pursue other important business matters.

Better fleet and crew management
• Know when your Reactors are off, idling or spraying
• Avoid the errors made and time wasted by manual logging
• Follow your Reactors with GPS tracking
• Recognize unauthorized or after-hours use of Reactors or materials
• Receive a daily email summarizing the previous day’s performance totals

Better cost containment and forecasting
• Know when equipment is ready for maintenance by using lifetime cycle logs.
• Save lost revenue and downtime by having real-time, factual information at your fingertips.

Better customer service
• Help troubleshoot issues remotely and get machines up and running faster.
• Provide more accurate job estimates, basing it on actual data from prior jobs.

Better protection for your future
• Have documented data showing spray parameters for every job.
• Offer a final job report to customers as an additional service.
• Recognize when it’s time to hire additional crews and expand your fleet
• Schedule appointments with potential customers knowing that you can still check on your jobsites
wherever you go.

Graco InSite comes standard on Reactor 2 Elite models or can be purchased as an accessory kit and installed on the following Reactors:
• 24T280 Reactor 2 E30, E-XP2, H-30, H-40, H-50, H-XP2 and H-XP3
• 24T279 Reactor E-30i, Reactor E-XP2i
• 24T278 Reactor models E-20, E-30, E-XP1, E-XP2, H-25, H-40, H-50, H-XP2 and H-XP3
• 16X521 Extension cable, 25 ft (7.5 m)